Electrical - JumpStart


To successfully complete the Electrical JumpStart program, the candidates must obtain a working level of knowledge of an Electrician's Helper.

The candidate must have Completed an Introduction to Electricity course covering the basic methods of production, transmission and use of electrical energy and an introductory class on the Power Formula and Ohms Law.

A working knowledge of the proper use and care of basic hand tools.

The ability to recognize, install and use the basic materials including boxes, cable and common devices.

A working knowledge of the installation of PVC, EMT and MC and an introduction to Rigid and flexible conduits. Residential students will also learn basic techniques for using type NM, NMC and NMS wiring.

The ability to pull wire, determine phase & color and terminate to devices.

Successfully performed the installation of conduit, wire and trim for typical applications.

Gained a basic level of knowledge of branch circuits.

A rudimentary knowledge of electrical plan symbols and basic blueprint reading.

Completed Work Safe Safety training and an OSHA 10 Course.

Had an introduction to the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70).

Accelerated Skills Training also available:

  1. Pipe Bending (refresher course)

  2. Advanced Pipe Bending

  3. Control Room (close quarters) Layout

  4. Electrical Panels and Termination