RAMS Web Time Card

Did you run out of time cards? Did you forget your time card? No problem...

Click the download link below to view and print a “RAMS/RPG Web Time Card”. Once you have printed out the “RAMS/RPG Web Time Card” fill it out just like a regular time card (see example below).

Please note that this time card is only for emergencies and you should be using the time cards that are mailed to you from your RAMS/RPG Branch office.

  Download RAMS/RPG Web Time Card


 Additional instructions and important information

1.    RAMS week is from Sunday to Saturday.  Enter the Saturday date for the
      “Week Ending:”  top right of time card.

2.    You MUST fax or email your time card by Saturday 5pm.  If you work on
       Saturday, please send as soon as your day ends.

3.    It is YOUR responsibility to get your time card to RAMS, NOT the
       contractor or a friend.

4.    The time card MUST be signed by a supervisor.  No unsigned time cards
       will be processed.

5.    If your name is not legible, the information is not filled in and the
       time card is not to RAMS on time, your check may be delayed.