TEC has as its goal to:

  •   Train - the entry level tradesmen.
  •   Educate - further the knowledge and skills of the craftsman.
  • Communicate - assist the accomplished and upwardly mobile    low- to mid-level supervisors with alternate view points that might gain for them positions of relevance within their organizations.

TEC, using either definition provides several levels of training curriculum to and for our customers.

  • OSHA10 and 30 hour construction safety courses are available nation-wide.
  • RAMS Work Safe is a five hour, introductory safety awareness program for construction and maintenance personnel assigned to work sites.
  • Tool Box Meetings, an entire series of them, bolster Work Safe and OSHA training and can be delivered by RAMS personnel or our customers staff.
  • Supervisor and Manager Awareness - designed for team leaders, project foremen and line supervisors is intended to improve individual production and increase supervisory impact.
  • FASA/BASA 14-hour mandatory, entry level certification for Fire Alarm System Agents, Burglar Alarm System Agents and salespeople are available, as are the mandatory bi-annual 6-hour continuing education recertifications.
  • JumpStart is a registered, State of Florida, pre-apprenticeship initiative. The program is designed to provide aggressive entry-level skills and safety training to electricians and plumbers that are new to the construction industry. Multiple apprenticeship programs throughout Florida have accelerated JumpStart graduates within their programs due, in part, to the rigorous mentoring and continuing education schedule required for program completion.
  • Safety Training for Hurricane Reconstruction.