Tradesman of the Month

Congratulations to Our Tradesmen of the Month!


Vincent J Portera Jr

Vincent is the benchmark of what an electrician should be.

Based on his reputation several clients have requested him by name.

He’s been the model of consistency and leadership and we appreciate all his hard work.


Annie J Schmitz

Annie joined RAMS in November 2018 through our pre-apprenticeship jumpstart program. Since that time, she has been a model RAMS employee with outstanding attendance and work ethic. She has since graduated the jumpstart program and is now enrolled in our 4 year electrical apprenticeship program. Her hard work does not go unnoticed as her willingness to improve in her craft each and every day.

CJ Weeks

CJ Weeks is an upstanding employee. He is a great team player. He is always willing to lend a hand to co-workers and teach the apprentice/jumpstart electricians the tricks of the trade. His productivity and attendance has always been on point. Numerous clients have wanted to hire him and he has chosen to stay with RAMS because he says we are like a family to him.

Pablo Fundora

Pablo Fundora “ Pablo started with RAMS in October 2018 and has been model RAMS employee. Contractors continuously provide excellent feedback for his quality of work and professionalism on site. Pablo is a true asset to RAMS and we are proud to have him as an employee.


Martin Samuel

We have selected Martin Samuel based on the following: Martin has been with RAMS since 2011, Perfect Attendance, On time-accurate timecards, Excellent Performance, Quality Work, Experienced, Great Attitude. Contractors love him and request him on a regular basis, Positive feedback from contractors and co-workers, Contractors want to hire him and he's a Long term-loyal RAMS employee.


About the RAMS Tradesmen of the Month

Each month we highlight one exceptional tradesman from our job sites around the country. The lucky winner will receive: 

  • Reward Check or Gift Card 
  • 3 T- shirts ( with Tradesman of the month logo on the sleeve- Green)
  • Certificate
We choose our winner each month based on these factors: 
  • Time Card Accuracy and punctuality ( Friday by the end of the shift or Saturday at the end of the shift)
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Safety ( no Injuries)
  • Attitude