JumpStart has been developed to promote a higher quality of entry-level skilled-trades workers. The program is specifically designed to enhance the production, safety, and retention of the entry-level skilled-trades personnel. Completion of this program enables the student to enter the Apprenticeship program of their choice at an accelerated pace never before offered.

The JumpStart Program consists of a fully monitored twenty-six week program.  The Starting Block is 4 days of formal training consisting of extensive classroom theory and hands-on in the Training Simulator.

JumpStart students receive an additional 16 to 24 hours of classroom training over the 26-week program to further increase theoretical and advanced hands-on training.

Monthly self-study course material is issued to each student covering the theoretical and practical applications of their individual trade.

Each JumpStart student is issued a Career Tracking Guide. The guide tracks the actual work performed on the job, the safety training received, and the monthly self-study material to monitor both the students and the effectiveness of the program.

All students are tested prior to acceptance into JumpStart, at the completion of the initial training, and at each of the follow-up training sessions to determine their level of theoretical and practical knowledge. The information obtained from this testing has shown that an average in practical and theoretical knowledge more than doubles during the initial training phase.