RAMS was founded in 1994 as a flexible workforce provider. Since then, we have grown into a Skilled Construction Services company that specializes in providing tradesmen for the 3 main phases of vertical construction: mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

RAMS is also a licensed general contractor and a licensed electrical contractor. We don’t do this to bid jobs or compete with our customers. Instead, RAMS invested in these licenses so we could operate a state-certified pre-apprenticeship program called JumpStart. This is a major differentiator between RAMS and the many traditional staffing companies in the market.

RAMS has supported our organization on numerous projects providing highly skilled plumbers, pipe-fitters, and certified 100% x-ray welders. Projects have ranged from hospitals, theme parks, manufacturing facilities and industrial sites. RAMS is our only call for qualified alternate workers to solve our project manpower issues.”
– VP, Mechanical Contractor (25+ Years)

At RAMS, we live our Core Values on every job site every day.


At RAMS, we stand behind what we say. This goes from a junior Helper in the field all the way up to ownership. If we commit to something, then we are going to do everything in our power to make it happen. Excuses are not an option.


Construction is both complex and dangerous, but can be a rewarding business. We want to ensure that all RAMS employees take the time to understand the scope of a project, be ever-mindful of their surroundings, and recognize others for a job well done.


The easiest way to explain integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. This stretches across every part of our business from customer billing to on the job safety. We demand accuracy in billing, just as much as we demand our tradesmen to always use proper PPE, even when nobody is looking.


Safety is genuinely our #1 Core Value. So, why don’t we list it first? That’s because if you don’t practice the first 3 Core Values, then you can’t have safety on the job or in the workplace. Dependability, Awareness, and Integrity work together to foster Safety.

"Dependability, Awareness, and Integrity work together to foster safety."


RAMS has offices throughout the state of Florida…and growing.

RAMS and our tradesmen have dominated the flexible electrical tradesmen space for over 20 years. In fact, we are the largest employer of electricians in the state of Florida outside of public utility companies. There is a reason for this success and we’d like to talk to you directly about how we’ve accomplished this goal.

Our next goal is to become the largest employer of tradesmen in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing space throughout the Southeast. If we aren’t in your market yet, then just be patient. RAMS will be in your backyard soon.


We eat, sleep and breathe construction. Why?
We love it.

We have over 100 years of trade, project management, and construction experience in our corporate office. If you add the experience of our tradesmen in the field, then that experience can be multiplied 10-fold. But at RAMS, we know that today’s greenhorns are tomorrow’s foremen. So, that’s why we spend as much time and effort attracting the best Helpers through our JumpStart program as we do finding carded journeymen for your jobs. If we don’t continue to love what we do, then we’ll put up our tools and go home.


RAMS is on the job 24/7 from start to finish in all aspects.

AT RAMS, we aren’t just about providing tradesmen. That’s what a staffing company does: take calls and throw bodies at jobs. We are a Skilled Construction Services company that has invested a tremendous amount of resources to help you grow, like our JumpStart program and our dedicated Safety and Training division. But it’s our “on the job” experience that will help your jobs go smoothly. In addition to providing quality tradesmen, here are some examples of what RAMS can do for you:

  • Bid Consulting: Have a large project on the board that’s going to require additional tradesmen? RAMS has worked on hundreds of bids to help make our clients more competitive and win more jobs. Ideally, the sooner we start working on a project together then the more successful it will be.
  • Davis-Bacon Act: Let’s face it, prevailing wage jobs can be complex and need to be understood. At RAMS, we have consulted and provided labor on 100s of these projects and know what it takes to complete them properly.
  • OCIP/CCIP: RAMS has a thorough understanding of wrap-ups that are required on construction and renovation projects. When we start working with you on a job, RAMS is focused on more than just providing tradesmen. We want to know every detail of a project so we can help look out for each other.
  • Recruiting: Looking to increase the size of your full-time tradesmen? RAMS can get this done, which saves you a great deal of time, money and frustration. Typically, it takes 4 candidates at an average recruiting and hiring cost of $5,000 each to find 1 permanent employee.
  • Safety and Workman’s Comp: Working with RAMS is one way to reduce, or possibly even eliminate, workman’s compensation claims. In fact, even our non-clients benefit from our dedicated Safety Decision. RAMS is routinely providing PPE to both employees non-RAMS employees. This results in a safer work environment for everyone.

"On average, it takes 4 candidates at an average recruiting and hiring cost of $5,000 each to find 1 permanent employee."

Getting started with RAMS is easy, whether you’re a contractor or a tradesman

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